Overall: 220-125

3.15: Recap 7-2 (bonus 6-8-2)

7-2 for brain picks last night, despite a tough showing for NCAAB games. I’m going to go back on what i said earlier with all picks counting towards the overall. Reason being, it’s seemingly impossible to predict who is going to show up on game day in NCAAB. Data can have a 100% conviction, but then a team will go 0-14 from 3 and lose by 18 (NC Central). It’s just not a good reflection of the model as a whole.

That said, I will be breaking out success rate by sport in a post later on today or tomorrow, so be on the lookout for that. NHL is undoubtedly the best (I’m guessing >70%). Full bracket and ATS plays coming today also.

3.16 picks:

  • 🏀
  • Toronto TOR -12 (implied -18) ✗
  • Miami MIA +4 (implied -2) (outright win +110) ✓
  • Miami MIA at Los Angeles LAL — u219.5 ✓
  • 🏒
  • Dallas ML -140 ✗
  • Anaheim ML -240 ✓
  • Vegas ML -170 ✗
  • NY Islanders at Washington — o6 ✓
  • Minnesota at Vegas — o5.5 ✓
  • Nashville at Colorado — o5.5 ✓

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