CLOSED: 3.27 People’s Parlay “Phoenix”

Result: 5-3 ✗

Second ever “People’s Parlay,” no guarantee but tons of conviction.

“Phoenix” – Arising from the ashes of apathetic achievement, finding fire in the piping pit of predictive modeling, and taking flight on the torrid travel to treasure.  💸

$10 to win $568…with what feel like very solid picks. Two NBA money-lines, three NHL money-lines, and three NHL over/unders. It’s going to be a tall order for the NHL to rebound from last night, but that is the essence of the phoenix. We need to call on her to lift us through to the finish line on this heater of a parlay.

We know The Brain has withstood the test of time, with 415 games under its belt, so now lets see if we can push the envelope and cash in on a parlay at 57:1 odds.

Sign-ups below – no need to sign up again if you signed up for “Robin Hood.” Rewards are free of charge for all who sign up.




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