Overall: 254-159

3.26: Recap 4-6-1

An unfortunate 4-6-1 finish last, night thanks to a slew of NHL games that were decided in under 6 goals. The best time to get on The Brain is following a *rare* losing night, so tonight’s big schedule of games should provide our record with a much needed boost.

We’re now 415 games into this little experiment, and boasting a respectable success rate of 61.5%. I expect tonight to be much better and am even toying with another people’s parlay to get the masses involved. If conviction looks good I will post again soon with more details. Regardless, here’s the slate for tonight…BOL!

3.27 picks:

  • Germany-Brazil o2.5✗
  • 🏀
  • San Antonio SA -2 (implied -3) ✗
  • Portland POR +1 (implied -2) ✓
  • Toronto TOR -9 (implied -11) ✗
  • 🏒
  • Pittsburgh ML -220 ✗
  • Anaheim ML -215✗
  • Nashville ML -160 ✗
  • Carolina at New Jersey o6 ✓
  • Pittsburgh at Detroit o6  ✓
  • Boston at Winnipeg o5.5 ✓

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