Overall: 277-182

4.3: Recap 6-4

6-4 last night with some very very tough beats. Nashville lost on an extremely controversial call on the ice. Preds Goal. Then, I’m not sure what the refs were on in Tampa last night, deliberately pushing the game under 5.5 goals. There were at least two times when bizarre referee calls took points off the board with very little explanation. Just to reiterate, I don’t have any input in these picks, so it’s not like I am personally upset about any of the losses, but I do believe The Brain made the right picks and the refs had a different agenda. Anyways, we push on. The slate of games is small tonight, but it should be a good one.  Let’s go.

4.4 picks:

  • 🏀
  • Memphis MEM +13 (implied +1) ✗
  • Detroit DET -1 (implied -6) ✗
  • 🏒
  • Ottawa ML +120 ✓
  • St. Louis ML -240 ✗
  • Minnesota ML +125 ✗
  • Ottawa at Buffalo o5.5 ✓
  • Chicago at St. Louis o5.5 ✓

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