Overall: 344-239

4.21: Recap 2-7-1

 Yikeeesss…all is not good in the hood. Toughhh losses all around. I am confident we had the right sides in all those ML plays, and they just dropped in disappointing fashion which made our record look pretty bad. On a positive note, the Atlanta Braves, our biggest underdog on the night, helped mitigate some of our losses with a big win. We will rebound though, as is tradition.

4.23 picks:

  • 🏀
  • Oklahoma City OKC +5 & ML +155 ✗
  • 🏒
  • Boston ML -125 ✗
  • Columbus ML -105 ✗
  • Boston at Toronto o5.5 ✗
  • Washington at Columbus o5.5 ✓
  • San Francisco SF ML +100 ✓
  • Seattle SEA ML -145 ✗
  • Minnesota MIN at New York NYY o8.5 ✓
  • Miami MIA at Los Angeles LAD u8 ✓

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