Overall: 375-259

4.30: Recap 4-4-1

Split night, but thanks to the underdog picks, we made out with a slight profit…Yet another profitable day (what’s new). The Brain isn’t seeing a ton of value in the heavy favorites for tonight, so we’re sticking to value here and playing as close to even ML as we can get. The plays are going to be limited but strong tonight. Lets go.

P.S. It’s my goal to be more transparent with The Picks going forward, and better at keeping a running record. So, I’m going to try to keep a tally of the record per sport during the month of May. The overall record will be located here.


5.1 picks:

  • 🏀
  • Toronto TOR -7 (implied -14) ✗
  • 🏒
  • Pittsburgh ML -135 ✗
  • Washington at Pittsburgh o6 ✓
  • Toronto TOR ML +128 ✓
  • Seattle SEA ML -115 ✓
  • Atlanta ATL at New York NYM o7.5 ✗
  • San Diego SD at San Francisco SF o7.5 ✗


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