Overall: 390-271

5.3: Recap 7-2

Some bozo at ESPN isn’t updating the MLB Lines for tonight, and the Brain is useless without its food. This bozo is costing us money and i’m pretty pissed about it… If we gather together and write scathing letters to the company, maybe we can get this clown fired. All the lines are “N/A”, Check it out for yourselves.

Other sports are unaffected so those are the picks tonight. Also, presenting a special PDF of our recent performance for your viewing pleasure. Good Luck! The Brain – 5.4.18 Picks

5.4 picks:

  • 🏀
  • Houston HOU -5 (implied -16) ✓
  • Houston HOU at Utah UTAH o209 ✗
  • 🏒
  • Vegas ML -155 ✓
  • Tampa Bay at Boston o6 ✓
  • Bonus  (CAREFUL: No Moneyline feeds)
  • Atlanta ATL ML ✗
  • Los Angeles LAA ML ✓
  • Toronto TOR ML ✗

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