Overall: 436-328
-9.9u since 5/22

6.1: Recap 3-1 (+7u)
6.2: Recap 0-1 (-1u)

Well, we made up the 7u very quickly, posting on of our strongest nights of the year on Friday! Unfortunately, Vegas fell to Washington in the Stanley Cup Finals Saturday night, pulling us down 1u. Overall strong weekend, and we’ll look to build on it tonight. Lots of work to be done to get us back up to net positive. Lets have a +10u week!

6.4 picks:

  • 3u Arizona ARI at San Francisco SF o7.5 ✓
  • 2u GM#2 New York NYY at Detroit DET o9 ✗
  • 2u Kansas City KC at Los Angeles LAA u8.5✗
  • 1u Los Angeles LAA ML -184 ✓
  • 1u Arizona ARI ML -103✗

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