Overall: 504-373
+44.8u since 5/22

6.27: Recap 5-5 (+0.5u)

Split the night 5-5, but made out with a small gain thanks to proper unit allocation. Nevertheless, not the kind of night we are used to having, so let’s look to right the ship tonight. Interestingly, no big plays today, The Brain is calling a pretty even spread of 2u picks…Guess the bookmakers had these games pegged well in terms of value. I’m adding more than usual because conviction is closer than normal. Here we go.

6.28 picks:

  • 1u Poland POL vs Japan JPN o2 -110 ✗
  • 1u Tunisia TUN ML -115 ✓
  • 1u Belgium BEL vs England ENG o2 -125 ✗
  • 1u Senegal SEN +3/4 -115 1/2 ✗
  • 2u Colorado COL at San Francisco SF o7.5 ✓
  • 2u Oakland OAK at Detroit DET o8.5 ✗
  • 2u Arizona ARI at Miami MIA o7.5 ✗
  • 2u Boston BOS ML -125 ✓
  • 1u Seattle SEA ML -145 ✓
  • 1u Chicago CHW ML +120 ✗

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