Overall: 542-423
+0.0 week of 7.30

7.27: Recap 3-1 (+2u)

On a little bit of a roll here, and some minor adjustments to the home/away records calculations should only help improve on that. We are looking to some big teams playing in big games tonight for good value. It’s going to be a tough night to sweep, but let’s see if we can’t pull it off! Let’s go.

On a side note, I am moving to a per week unit calculation, so no more of the “since 5/22” record. The line will now show record Monday-Sunday. We finished up 5u from 5/22 to 7.27.

7.30 picks:

  • 2u Boston BOS ML -145 ✓
  • 2u Texas TEX at Arizona ARI o8.5 ✓
  • 2u Cleveland CLE ML -120 ✗
  • 1u Houston HOU ML -110 ✗
  • 1u Houston HOU at Seattle SEA o7 ✗

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