Overall: 554-442
-2.0u week of 7.30
-9.8u week of 8.6

8.8: Recap 2-3 (-2.0u)

Jeeeez…MLB is really slipping these days for some reason. It’s bizzare how some of these teams are winning at all, but it’s a long season so just gonna play it off as correctional. We will rebound, I am confident in that. Just waiting for the right day.

Aheeem, your attention please…Now Introducing NFL picks to The Brain. Had them yesterday, but found a small kink that I needed an extra day to work out, so I left them unreleased…until now. Lets see what’s in store! (remember it’s still preseason, so very small plays until the season starts).

8.10 picks:

  • 1u New York NYM ML -120 ✓
  • 1u Arizona ARI ML -125 ✗
  • 1u St. Louis STL ML -150 ✓
  • 🏈
  • 0.5u Detroit DET ML +145 ✗
    • Projected Final: 24-15 DET
  • 0.5u Atlanta ATL ML +175 ✗
    • Projected Final: 21-14 ATL

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