Overall: 655-515

10.3: Recap 1-5 (-6.0u)

Ouch. The gods allowed us to pad our wallets, then they struck back. We will rebound, as is tradition. So, enough wallowing, and let’s see how.  I apologize, because I am posting this late, the soccer games have already started, and we hit all 3 overs I was going to post…They won’t count towards the official picks now, unfortunately. Picks below!

10.4 Picks:

    • 2u Los Angeles LAD -1 -130 ✓
  • 🏒
  • 2u Washington at Pittsburgh o6 ✓
  • 2u Boston ML -130 ✓
  • 1u Chicago at Ottawa o6 ✓
  • 1u Winnipeg ML -110 ✓
  • 🏈
  • 1u Indianapolis IND at New England NE u50 ✗
  • 2u Milwaukee MIL -1 +110 P

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