Hey Brain Followers –

I have a new offer to keep you all engaged in The Brain’s success!

FREE Daily recommendations can still be found on my Twitter and Instagram page, but The Brain is moving to a very affordable subscription service starting in February!

Individual day packages cost $10 and include an email with the top recommendations for the day, as well as my daily PDF with predictions for ALL games across ALL professional sports. I derive my personal selections from this exact cheat-sheet, and it will be available to subscribers in it’s entirety!

Special Discount: $50 Weekly and $200 Monthly packages are also available for a discount to the daily price!

Special Promo: The PDF will be available today for NO COST. Download below and Win!

Daily Brain 1.28.20

Daily Brain 1.30.20

****Daily Brain 1.31.20****



Purchase Passes

Note: All purchased passes will begin on Feb. 1st, 2020.





*All purchases are non-refundable upon receipt of The Brain daily “cheat-sheet.” If a report is not received (untimely purchase, internet connection error, wrong email, etc.), the purchase will roll to include the the next day’s report. All recommendations are the sole view of the the sender and do not represent an offer to buy/sell anything of material value. The information held herein is for documentation and statistical purposes only and should not be used for any activities that involve financial risk-taking (including but not limited to: sports gambling, daily fantasy contests, wagering pools, etc.).

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