Overall: 423-305

5.22: Recap 3-5

Slight correctional period the past few days…but we’re going to switch things up a bit to get us back on top. The underdog picks are close but I’m realizing they don’t work as well the further you go down the list (you wouldn’t bet these picks on conviction but they are still being included as Brain picks and are hurting us). Therefore, I’m going to shorten our list to only high conviction picks. Our record is tested enough for me to cut back the list to 4 or 5 picks a day, and work on improving our percentage. In other words, we are going to focus our efforts on profits and maximizing winning nights, rather than just adding to our sample size. Let’s see if it pays off.

From now on, these are recommended action plays, and I will track our profits/losses in “units.” 1 unit is the equivalent to the amount of money you personally would put on a regular bet. Typically 1u should be around 1% of your total bankroll. units will be automatically assigned based on conviction level.

5.22 picks:

  • 🏀
  • 1u Golden State GS -9 (implied -20)✗
  • 3u Boston BOS at Tampa Bay TB o7 ✗
  • 2u Chicago CHC ML -105 ✗
  • 1u Atlanta ATL ML +100 ✓

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