Overall: 440-333
-11.9u since 5/22

6.5: Recap 2-2 (-1u)

Split the night 2-2, but some fluff on the A’s game pushed us negative on the night. That’s a slight detractor about moving to this new format…Vegas odds are now being taken into account, so split nights really hurt us. Still not sure how the A’s even lost that game, considering they were up 4-2 midway though the 7th. Looking for a big rebound night to right the ship. Let’s go.

6.6 picks:

  • 🏀
  • 2u Golden State GS -4.5 (implied -15) ✓
  • 3u Los Angeles LAD ML -113 ✗
  • 2u Arizona ARI at San Francisco SF o8 ✓
  • 2u Colorado COL at Cincinnati CIN o8.5 ✓
  • 1u Colorado COL ML -130 ✓

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